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Offering a Range of Cosmetic Facial Treatments

Could your skin use a refresh? Maybe you’ve noticed enlarged pores, or perhaps you’re unhappy with acne scars. Whatever the case for you, Runnels and North Outpatient Plastic Surgery Center has exceptional treatments to address your concerns. Our medical spa in Jackson, MS is well-equipped to treat a wide range of cosmetic issues, from dull skin to ingrown hairs. Find out which of our services is the best match for you.

Cosmetic Facial Treatments in Jackson, Ms

Choose From These Treatments

We strive to offer some of the best facial treatments in the region. As such, we’re skilled in providing an array of treatments that can be tailored to your unique needs. Ask our team about these skincare services:

  • Chemical Peel: This treatment is both affordable and effective. Chemical peels address fine lines, wrinkles, acne, scars, and discoloration.
  • Obagi Blue Peel: The Obagi Blue Peel is a type of chemical peel that reveals younger-looking skin and reduces acne scars, sun damage, and more.
  • Perfect Derma Peel: Another type of chemical peel, the Perfect Derma Peel takes care of enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles. This treatment works for all skin types.
  • Diamond Dermabrasion: This microdermabrasion treatment is an excellent choice for men and women with wrinkles, large pores, acne, and uneven skin texture. The procedure removes the outer layer of the skin and boosts collagen production.
  • Dermaplaning: Dermaplaning gently removes the outer layer of dead skin and eliminates peach fuzz. You’ll see results almost immediately!
  • HydraFacial MD: The HydraFacial offers speedy results with no recovery time. This deep-cleansing treatment removes dirt and makeup while resisting acne and the signs of aging.
  • SkinPen Precision: This micro needling procedure allows skincare products to reach the deeper layers of the skin. Not only does this process reduce acne scars and sun damage, but it can also improve the overall appearance of your skin.
  • Everlasting Brows Microblading: Create the perfect brows with this semi-permanent procedure (results last up to 18 months!). You can tailor your brows to the ideal shape and fullness.
  • Brow Tinting: You get your hair colored, why not your brows? Results from our brow tinting services last up to four weeks.
  • Latissé: This popular prescription treatment allows your eyelashes to grow longer, fuller, and darker.
  • Lash Tinting: If you’d like darker eyelashes, talk to our team about a lash tinting procedure with results lasting up to four weeks.
  • One-Shot Lash Lift: This quick procedure gives your lashes a long-lasting curl. Just one 20-minute session can leave you with beautifully-curled lashes for up to 12 weeks!

Customize Your Facial Treatments

Everyone’s skin is different, so of course, everyone needs a unique treatment to get the best results. At Runnels and North Outpatient Plastic Surgery Center, we provide custom skin treatments crafted just for you. We’ll learn more about your specific needs and recommend a refreshing, custom treatment to meet them. Our custom treatments might focus on any of the following cosmetic goals:

  • Skin brightening
  • Moisturizing
  • Skin smoothing
  • Acne treatment facials
  • Ingrown facial hair treatment
  • Improved skin texture

Reap the Benefits of Our Skincare Services

Skincare services are more than just cosmetic procedures. While they do improve the outward appearance of your skin, they come with many more benefits than just that. Over the years, we’ve helped patients reap these benefits of outstanding facial treatments:

  • Cleaner skin
  • Reduced acne and acne scars
  • Increased cell regeneration and younger-looking skin
  • Better blood circulation in the face
  • Detoxified skin
  • Tightened skin
  • Fewer bags under the eyes and dark circles
  • A more even skin tone

The Results You Deserve

The team at Runnels and North Outpatient Plastic Surgery Center is committed to bringing you the high-quality results you deserve, no matter the facial treatment. We’ll sit down with you to learn more about your concerns and then suggest a service that will give you the results you’re looking for. We can show you some laser facial treatment before and after photos or give you other examples of our procedures’ success rates. Our team wants you to feel confident in your results!


Consult With Us Today

We all have small imperfections we’d like to correct. When you consult with Runnels and North Outpatient Plastic Surgery Center, you’ll learn more about cosmetic procedures designed to fix those imperfections safely. Whether you’re dealing with lots of sun damage or years of acne scarring, our Jackson, MS plastic surgery professionals have the solution for you. Make an appointment today to start exploring your options

Get Outstanding Plastic Surgery in the Jackson, MS Area!