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Surgery at Runnels & North Outpatient Plastic Surgery Center

At Runnels and North Outpatient Plastic Surgery Center in Jackson, Mississippi, Dr. Scott Runnels performs plastic surgery for patients, helping them be as beautiful as they feel. Our spa-like plastic surgery center performs aesthetic procedures with world-class skill and service. We believe that everyone should be proud, confident, and comfortable with their bodies. So, Dr. Scott Runnels performs many cosmetic surgeries, including breast augmentations, breast lifts, breast reductions, liposuctions, tummy tucks, and various other procedures. Take the time to browse our Before and After Gallery to see what plastic surgery can do for you. These are all photos of actual operations performed by Dr. Scott Runnels.

An Experienced Breast Augmentations Surgeon

When a patient is unhappy with the shape or size of their breasts, Runnels and North Outpatient Plastic Surgery Center offers them the option of breast augmentation surgery. This type of procedure uses an implant to alter the appearance of the patient’s breasts. Implants come in various styles, including saline, silicone, and gel-based plastics. While size is often a primary consideration in breast augmentation procedures, we can also adjust the shape and lift of breasts at the same time. Breast augmentations allow a client to have the breasts they have always imagined.

Cosmetic Surgery to Lift the Breasts

When the skin on the breasts begins to lose its elasticity, the breasts can hang lower and become uncomfortable. There is a plastic surgery designed to fix this particular issue called a mastopexy or a breast lift. Breast lifts remove and tighten excess skin to reduce sagging. When Runnels and North Outpatient Plastic Surgery Center performs this type of cosmetic surgery, breasts become much perkier. At the same time, this will alter the size and shape of the breast, making them look better than ever. Browse through photos of breast lifts performed by Dr. Scott Runnels.

A Plastic Surgery Center That Performs Breast Reductions

Oversized breasts cause a variety of health problems, from spinal pain to headaches. This problem is called macromastia, and it causes a great deal of unnecessary pain and suffering in many women’s lives. Breast reductions and other plastic surgery solutions for macromastia have improved the lives of countless women. By removing tissue and fat from the breasts and adjusting how they hang, we can make them much lighter and tighter. The surgeons at Runnels and North Outpatient Plastic Surgery Center will make your breasts the size and shape you have always wanted.

A Plastic Surgery Approach to Liposuction

Liposuction is a plastic surgery procedure where a surgeon removes fat from the body directly. Liposuction can target specific body areas such as the legs, face, neck, arms, and back. Some areas of fat seem to evade any amount of diet and exercise. Liposuction can remove those fat deposits in a single session. The surgeons at Runnels and North Outpatient Plastic Surgery Center use four different liposuction methods, including tumescent liposuction, ultrasound-assisted liposuction, laser-assisted liposuction, and power-assisted liposuction. Consult with us to see how liposuction can help make you thinner.

Our Aesthetic Tummy Tuck Procedures

Excess skin and fat around the midsection are a problem for many women. It is unfortunate that many great achievements in life, like pregnancy and extreme weight loss, leave women with unsightly skin and fat hanging from their middle and lower abdomen. Plastic surgery can remove that unnecessary skin and fat to make a tighter midsection with a tummy tuck. This aesthetic procedure truly does show off the beauty underneath the skin that may have just lost its elasticity. Look at tummy tucks Dr. Scott Runnels has performed at Runnels and North Outpatient Plastic Surgery Center.

Dr. Scott Runnels Can Fix Almost Any Cosmetic Issue

Dr. Scott Runnels performs many other types of plastic surgery, from blepharoplasties to facelifts. Whatever plastic surgery you may need, schedule a consultation with Runnels and North Outpatient Plastic Surgery Center. We can likely help you fix whatever imperfections are bothering you. Browse our Before and After Gallery of cosmetic surgeries performed by Dr. Scott Runnels. Then, schedule your appointment to see how we can help you look the way you want.

Get Outstanding Plastic Surgery in the Jackson, MS Area!